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I have recently packaged up RamCloud as deb and is available on ticketscale deb repository

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Fastly Ansible Module

Over the weekend I needed to include purging the Fastly CDN cache as part of a deployment pipeline. So I decided to write and open source a module.

Currently it only purges caches but I am willing to extend it to setup all aspects in Ansible through the API.

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OpenCobol running on docker within Mesos == the new mainframe

I have recently been wondering how such organisations with a legacy Cobol estate could easily migrate those systems to the new era of task scheduling and potentially either cloud or commodity bare metal servers.

I understand that those systems have been compiled to run on AIX or z/OS and would need re-compiling to x86-64 but that just seems the next logical step to carry on maintaining those systems and retiring the mainframes.

So let’s get started. Install Mesos using DCOS or the packages
For production you will need three node Zookeeper cluster but for simplicity we will stick to one Mesos master and slave.
Marathon will also be needed to be installed.

Once you have a running cluster then you can start deploying those OpenCobol Docker Images.

You will probably want to add nginx cgi (coming soon I need to dig out an old hard drive with FCGI and Cobol.)

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